Corporate Armageddon

Posted on October 23rd 2008 | By admin

Corporate Armageddon

Drew Millward just dropped the art for this new Corporate Armageddon Kapitol Deck, here is a sneak peak, look for the deck in December just in time for the holidays. The history and current times are starting to unfold and what we see unraveling maybe the start of a corporate armageddon.

Below is a sample of Drew’s Posters, he is a maestro with the sharpie. Check out some of Mr. Millward’s other works at gigposters. You can also view some recent shirts from Drew from this link right here.


  • dan holzer October 24th, 2008

    That is some DOPE ASS art!

  • MC October 24th, 2008


  • D-Loc October 28th, 2008


  • Al Uma December 18th, 2008

    Now that is what I am talking about. Good old fashion “Kick you in the ass” artwork. Keep it Real!

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